Dr. Jody Mokler

Jody was born and raised in PEI. After graduating from AVC in May 1998, she joined a mixed animal practice in Sunderland Ontario in June 1998. She worked as a small animal clinician 70% of the time with the remaining 30% of her job doing routine and emergency large animal calls. Two years later, Jody joined another mixed animal practice in Brooklin Ontario but was exclusively a small animal practitioner in this clinic from 2000-2012. In March 2012, Jody started her journey here with us as a fill in for a maternity leave and well…the rest is history!

Jody enjoys spending as much time in nature as possible and is often found walking her dogs in the fields and woods on her property and exploring the river that runs through the property.

As a rescuer, Jody has shared her life with many incredible animals, all of them with unique and special personalities. Among the many cats who have become part of her family, the one feline that has evoked the greatest sense of awe and amazement was her beloved Starr, who entered her life at dusk on a cold March evening in Ontario when she was standing in the middle of the road on her way home from work. It was apparent from her initial assessment that Starr was blind but despite her visual disability, Starr had an incredible amount of patience and tolerance for all other creatures in the house. Starr continued to amaze everyone who made her acquaintance with her loving, friendly personality as well as the ease with which she climbed stairs and maneuvered furniture and her ability to play with and actually find her favorite toys. Starr, like so many animals with disabilities, made up for her sensory loss with highly acute senses of small and hearing and an exceptional appreciation and love of her new life.

Jody’s bucket list includes:

  • Traveling to Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand
  • Traveling to underdeveloped countries to offer mission work for the people/animals in need
  • Winning the lottery in order to fund an animal sanctuary


Small Animal Dept.
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Large Animal Dept.
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